A perfectly, dynamic team with many years of experience in customs clearance and logistics for all kind of goods. Proactive, focused, technically at highest level, solution-oriented, with foresight and legal certainty, we are always committed to the interests of our customers and ensure the most efficient type of transport and customs clearance of your goods.


Import is not just a customs declaration. A sure instinct, speed, vision, and excellent knowledge of customs law are required. We are highly qualified customs experts and give high performance every day.


We know all the peculiarities of the export procedure and organize your export in such a way that the goods can be imported by the recipient without any problems and that you pass every customs inspection perfectly! 


If the export or import is subject to a permit or license obligation, we will obtain all necessary permits and licenses so that your goods pass customs without any problems.


Would you like customs and logistics from a single hand? Convince yourself of our individual, fast logistics solutions and enjoy the perfect combination. 


Outsourcing / Central Customs Clearance / Customs Optimization and much more.
We are more than just a customs agency. Increase the effectiveness of your company with our additional services. 



Your advantage through our speed and dynamism is the goal that we achieve together. 


Highest concentration and customs-compliant processing through an extremely high level of know-how set us apart. 


Talk to our customs experts at any time and get customs-compliant and individual information.


Our team is committed well beyond the normal opening times and is always there for you.


We are certified by the German customs authorities as AEO C and AEO S (=AEO F). This means that we have been proven of being highly professional in dealing with customs regulations (AEO C) and are an important part of the supply chain safety and security (AEO S). Regular internal training courses and a high compliance standard help to ensure that your customs declarations are always submitted in accordance with customs law and that we bear a high level of responsibility for the integrity of our business partners.

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From the Managing Director

Our agency is specialized in the import and export of goods of all kinds, as well as obtaining special permits. With us, your customs clearance is in the best hands. Agility, dynamism, and safety are our unique features. Each step is checked by customs specialists.

In this way, we guarantee our customers optimal, proactive, and future-proof customs clearance. As a former customs inspector and legal expert, I stand for this with my name.

Sincerely Yours

Abdulkerim Kuzucu
General Manager I Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH/Zoll) I Master of Customs Administration (MCA)


Customers personally supported by our managing director and our customs experts, to whom we would like to express our special thanks for the excellent cooperation:

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CE Customs & Trade GmbH

We have been dealing with customs and logistics for decades. Our team and network consist of customs consultants, former customs officers, experienced customs agents, and logistics professionals. Passing this experience on to our customers as a team makes us strong. 

We love to work with professional companies who value our competence, and we look forward to a trustful, long-term cooperation, in which we perfectly harmonize with our customers and contribute to your success in international trade with the best customs clearance & logistics.